Parish Council

The Parish Pastoral Council is the primary visioning body of the parish, assisting the pastor in determining the overall mission of the parish. All parish commissions and their committees operate under the leadership of the Parish Pastoral Council. Through the Pastoral Council, they are to communicate with each other on a regular basis so that the overall implementation of a parish’s vision is a collaborative effort.The Parish Pastoral Council is one of the major consultative groups to the pastor. This council assists the pastor in:

  • Soliciting the wisdom if the parish community on pastoral matters.
  • Forming a consensus about pastoral planning.
  • Communicating that pastoral vision to the parish as a whole.
  • Involving the parish commissions in implementing the vision.

There are four commissions that support the work of the Parish Pastoral Council: Christian Service, Education, Stewardship, and Worship.  These commissions present recommendations to the Parish Pastoral Council from their respective areas of parish life.  An Evangelization Committee also relates to the Parish Pastoral Council by recommending ways that everything we do is done to proclaim and live faith in Jesus Christ.

Every parishioner fully initiated in the Catholic faith and is a member in good standing is eligible to be a candidate for consideration as a member.  Every spring parishioners are invited to nominate someone or him/herself.  On Pentecost Sunday names are selected by lottery at one of the Masses for at-large members.  Each of the commissions has a representative. (Staff persons are not eligible.)

The current chair of the Parish Council is Kathleen Mastrangelo.

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