By receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation those who have been baptized will continue their growth in faith and further their initiation into the one, holy, catholic, apostolic Church. Confirmadi receive the Holy Spirit, which Jesus sent to his first disciples at Pentecost. The Holy Spirit forms the faithful to me more like Jesus and to build up His kingdom in the world. Confirmandi will be marked with the Sacred Chrism as a seal which cannot be removed as a sign of their faith and love for God.  Teens who walk through this preparation process will receive the Sacrament of Confirmation at 12:00 Mass on Sunday, April 22, 2018 with Bishop Donald Hanchon.

Teens who want to prepare for Confirmation are to be/have:

•             Reached at least the 8th grade level in faith formation or religion class;

•             Be baptized Roman Catholic;

•             A current, registered member of St. Regis Catholic Parish;

•             Attended faith formation classes or a Catholic School from 1st through 8th grade (If some of these years were skipped, we will deal with it on an individual basis);

•             Enrolled for the current 2017-18 academic year in a Catholic school or Parish Faith Formation program.

Please read below regarding the preparation process for teens to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation in 2018.

Confirmation Parent and Teen Introductory Session – Took place in September 2017.

Click here to download the 2018 Confirmation Preparation Handbook: Confirmation Preparation Handbook 2018

Confirmation Teens click here to check your docs turned in for record keeping, and other info!

Confirmation Registration Packets – By Monday, October 9, teens must return completed registration packets to the Parish Office in person or via email to sarah.hogan@stregis.org.  For organization and record keeping, it is imperative that full completed packets be returned on-time, complete with all necessary baptismal records, to the Parish Office Center.  

Sponsor Packet – Teens will receive a packet of materials to complete with their sponsors. Packets must be completes and returned at the January 21 Enrollment Mass.

Rite of Enrollment – Teens, and their families and sponsors will attend 12:00 Mass on Sunday, January 21 to participate in the Rite of Enrollment, receive a blessing for their ongoing preparation, and pass out prayer cards to invite our community to pray for them.  Completed sponsor packets must be returned at this Mass.

Stewardship Christian Service Packet – By Monday, February 5 teens must turn in completed stewardship packets to the parish office or via email to sarah.hogan@stregis.org.  For organization and record keeping, it is imperative that full completed packets be turned in on-time to the Parish Office Center.

Confirmation and Discipleship Retreat – Teens who are preparing to receive the sacrament of Confirmation at St. Regis in April 2018 and ALL St. Regis Catholic School 8th graders must attend 1 of 3 retreat sessions; choose from, Sundays, February 11; March 4; or, March 11.  Sign Up for Confirmation Retreat sessions begins on Tuesday, January 9 @ 9am; click here to sign up!

All 8th grade teens are invited to meet Christ in a new way, and learn ways to lead a Christ filled life on RETREAT.  The Retreat is hosted by BOLD MINISTRIES: Mary Wilkerson and Mike Chamberland; they have activities for guys and girls in large groups, and guys and girls in separate small groups.  The sign ups are organized to have an even number of guys and girls at each Sunday retreat session.

On retreat day, teens must attend 12:00 noon Mass at St. Regis with their family and Confirmation sponsor, then arrive at Manresa Jesuit Retreat Center by 1:30 pm for further retreat activities.  Transportation is not provided; teens must be on-time for 12 noon Mass at St. Regis, and on-time for retreat activities at Manresa at 1:30 pm.

Interviews with Fr. Buersmeyer – Each teen with their sponsor and parents will participate in an interview to assess their readiness for the sacrament of confirmation with Father Dave.  Interviews are TBD at this time, but will take place from February 20 – March 2, 2018.

Mass and Rehearsal

Monday, April 16: Students and sponsors or parents attend 6:45 p.m. Mass followed by 7:30-8:30 p.m. Confirmation rehearsal in the church.

Sunday, April 22: Archdiocese of Detroit Bishop Donald Hanchon will anoint the sacrament of Confirmation on Roman Catholic students who have been preparing to receive this special sacrament this year at our parish 12:00 Mass.

There are many more students in our school who have also been practicing to grow in faith and discipleship this year.  All 8th grade students are invited to attend and take part in Confirmation Mass on Sunday, April 22.  Roman Catholic students will receive the sacrament of Confirmation, and any other 8th graders who attend will receive a special blessing. If a student who is not receiving the sacrament of Confirmation wishes to attend 12:00 Mass on April 22 to receive a blessing, he or she must RSVP to Sarah Hogan at sarah.hogan@stregis.org, and attend Confirmation Mass practice on April 16 (please see above.)

For more information please contact Director of Evangelization and Catechesis Sarah Hogan at 248-646-2686 x4011 or sarah.hogan@stregis.org.


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