RCIA – Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults

WHAT: The RCIA is a process of exploration and formation for adults desiring to become Catholic. Throughout the process they:

  • learn about the Scriptures and the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church
  • gain a new awareness of God’s presence and action in their lives
  • discern whether God is inviting them to join the Catholic Church
  •  grow in their relationship with the Catholic faith community
  • prepare for reception of the sacraments of initiation.

STAGES or PERIODS in the process:

1. Period of Evangelization and Pre-catechumenate – a time of inquiry and introduction ot the gospel of Jesus Christ

2. Period of the Catechumens – this is a time of growing in faith and conversion to God

3. Period of Purification and Enlightenment – a time of deper reflection to prepare for Initiation

4. Period of Post-baptismal Catechesis – intergation into the Catholic community

No one is ever pressured to become Catholic, as that decision is between each person and God.

WHO: The periods are for those who have never been baptized into the Christian faith.  They meet together on a regular basis throughout the year.  Other participants in the sessions include people who were baptized in another Christian faith tradition, or were baptized Catholic but never received religious instruction or reception of the sacraments of Confirmation and/or First Eucharist. Anyone age seven (the age of reason) through adulthood may participate in the RCIA.

WHEN AND WHERE: On Sundays we gather to celebrate the Mass with our parish family and after the homily those in the RCIA are blessed and sent to reflect further on the Word of God which has just been proclaimed.   On most Wednesday evenings we gather in the Parish Office Center for prayer and a presentation on a specific topic. The sessions are informal and are facilitated by both clergy and lay ministers, and there is always time allotted for questions and discussion.

HOW: If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about the Catholic faith (perhaps a non-Catholic spouse who would like to better understand our Catholic practices) or someone who is thinking about becoming Catholic, now is the time to invite him or her to attend the RCIA. You might even want to attend—the RCIA sessions are a great way to update your own knowledge of the Catholic faith.

Inquirers are welcome any time throughout the year – whenever the desire to explore the Catholic faith is experienced. The process begins with a one-on-one appointment during which an inquirer has a chance to ask questions and to learn more about the RCIA process and what it might look like for him/her. To schedule an appointment contact Mary Von Koss at 248-646-2686 x4012 or email mary.vonkoss@stregis.org .



SPONSORS: Serving as a sponsor is a spiritually nourishing experience. In the words of one sponsor, “The experience allowed me to listen intently to God through the words and emotions of the candidate I was sponsoring and to feel the presence of Jesus among the entire group. It reminded me that we are all children of God, no matter where we are in our journey of faith.”

Sponsors are parishioners who support the catechumens and candidates as they move through the RCIA process, attending Sunday Mass and participating in the Wednesday evening formation sessions as often as possible. Sponsors must be fully initiated Catholics in good standing with the Church.

RCIA TEAM MEMBERS Team members rotate in facilitating reflection on the Sunday Scriptures, called Breaking Open the Word, with the inquirers, candidates and catechumens on Sunday mornings during the 10:00 Mass. Other team members may assist with hospitality during the Wednesday evening formation sessions.

If you feel the Lord inviting you to serve as a sponsor or team member we would love to talk with you. Contact Mary Von Koss at mary.vonkoss@stregis.org.


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