As people of God we need to realize that the dynamic of all vocations begins at the moment of Baptism; therefore we are all charged to take up our responsibility, our vocation, for the sake of the Kingdom and the Church. As we enter adulthood, we need to listen to the Lord and see what it is he is asking of us. The “call” that comes to us at Baptism is unique and lived out in many different ways as we strive to respond and lay down our lives in service to Christ and the Church. Most will be called to marriage, some will remain single; however, others will be called by God to live out their holiness/vocation as a priest, deacon, or religious sister or brother. Do Whatever He Tells You – Pastoral Plan for Vocational Awareness, Archdiocese of Detroit

The Vocations Committee takes the lead in shepherding the parish in fostering vocations. The principal activity of the committee is vocation awareness with regard to priestly and religious vocations. The committee prepares vocation awareness displays for the church and school, and it plans special events and observances such as the annual Desert Meal and vocation awareness weekends.

The committee also coordinates the scheduling of the Traveling Chalice that is hosted by a different family each week. During the host week the family prays each day for an increase in vocations to the priesthood. The chalice will eventually be presented to the first man from the parish who is ordained to the priesthood.

We welcome you to join our vocations efforts. Would you like to volunteer for the Vocations Committee or host the Traveling Chalice in your home for a week? Contact Gina Oraha at vocation004@comcast.net or the parish office at 248-646-2686. 


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