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The St. Regis Catholic School faculty and staff know that it is a great responsibility to educate children. We accept this responsibility with humility, vigor, compassion and courage. 

The St. Regis team, parents and parish community share a common vision. High quality classroom instruction, students who are highly motivated to learn, a warm and nurturing learning environment, and a supportive and encouraging parent community make St. Regis Catholic School a wonderful place to be. We teach children the necessary skills to succeed in high school and beyond, and to become loving members of the Catholic Church. What parents value defines what is important to their children. When you value faith and education, so will your children.

To ensure the success of each child, the St. Regis faculty and staff are dedicated to the use of sound instructional practices and high quality instructional materials, including the integration of technology throughout the curriculum. 

Children are our greatest natural resource. We take seriously our responsibility to nourish, protect and develop children to their full potential. Our instructional programs combine skill instruction, phonics, cognitively guided instruction in math, and literacy instruction that are embedded within a meaningful context throughout our curriculum. Our curriculum is structured so that students develop a strong academic core. We also make sure to include our faith in all aspects of school life.

It is our great privilege and joy to teach our students. We teach in a Catholic school because we love the children and because we love God. Our mission to educate and to serve is always for the greater glory of God. 

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