SAC – School Advisory Committee

The mission of the School Advisory Committee is to provide a structured forum for St. Regis Catholic School stakeholders to have a voice in the enrichment of our children’s Catholic educational experience as part of St. Regis. Through fundraising and volunteerism, the SAC will support the spiritual, educational and emotional development of each child and will work collaboratively with the faculty with the common goal of making St. Regis a “best in class” school.

The SAC president and vice president are chosen in the spring before the following academic year. The vice president typically becomes the next SAC president. Grade level representatives are chosen randomly from a pool of interested parents.


The officers and reps for the 2016-17 school year are:

  • President – Carol Grombala
  • Vice President – Liz Siver
  • Secretary – Meghan Rivard
  • Preschool – Katie Lee
  • Young Fives – Maureen Gill
  • K – Beth Bernacki
  • 1 – Ann Michael
  • 2 – Tammy Jonna
  • 3 – Pam Lindner
  • 4 – Jodie Kennedy
  • 5 – Meg Stenger
  • 6 – Heather Venner
  • 7 – Margie Kowal
  • 8 – Valarie Kole

Please visit our School Advisory Committee Facebook Page. https://www.facebook.com/groups/329792820446243/

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