Church Construction Photos

Photos are posted in reverse chronological order so you can see the most recent pictures first. Scroll down to the see the progress since construction began in June 2014.

December 5, 2016

Our new chapel is dedicated by Archbishop Allen Vigneron

June 14, 2015

Our first Mass in the newly restored church.

June 2015

Installing the lattice work and lighting in the reredos.

Upgrading the sprinkler system.

New exterior doors are installed.

The exterior wall of the gathering space is painted. This wall will stay up until we begin the next phase of construction in a few years.

May 2015

The cherry paneling is nearly complete.

The panels around the choir area go up.

The door to the west entry of the gathering space is nearly completed.

April 2015

The crew completes the last of the decorative tile insets in the mail aisle.

The ramp, sidewalk and steps go in.

The tile around the baptismal font has been completed. The crew will next tile the sides of the pool and install granite on the rim. The font itself is original.

Pipe connections to the new air handlers are being completed in the basement. Much of the cost of the project comes from the heating, cooling, electrical and plumbing.

Duct work and insulation is installed in the gathering space.


The drywall is installed in the gathering space.

The fireproofing and HVAC is installed in the gathering space.

The concrete floor of the gathering space has been poured. Carpet will go over it.

March 2015

The crew works on the skylight in the steeple that provide light over the sanctuary. This skylight has been leaking for years. We are so happy to finally have it fixed!


The tile work on the sanctuary is nearly complete. The crew has now covered it in plywood to protect as they begin work on replacing the skylight above the altar. The skylight has been leaking for years, and is one example of the many structural problems our church building had that made our entire project necessary.


The crew finishes up the roof of the gathering space.

The glass wall for the gathering space goes up .

New lighting in installed that will illuminate the new Stations of the Cross.

Masons work on the exterior of the gathering space. 

Behind the scenes duct work goes in. The heating and cooling is the single largest line item in the construction budget.

The crew finishes the wall around the utility area on the north side of the church.

The tile under the pews is almost finished.

The crew primes the new drywall behind the space for the restored organ pipes.

February 2015

Tile goes in on the main floor of the church.

Prepping the floor of the choir area for tile.

The floor tile starts to go in.

The crew works on the west corridor of the gathering space.

This is the pulley structure that was used to raise the altar. We leveled the sanctuary floor and therefore had to raise the 2,000 lb. altar several inches to bring it to the right height.

Tile prep continues. Here the crew fixes cracks in the floor before the tile can be installed.

The crew preps the floor for the new tile. They have to apply a substance called gypcrete to even out the old aisle. They began by sweeping the floor of construction debris and dirt. Then the scrubbed the floor with an abrasive tool to remove old carpeting adhesive, sprayed on a bonding agent, and filled in cracks before applying the gypcrete. It’s quite a labor intensive, process, but absolutely necessary for our job.

The crew installs insulation.

The crew installs drywall in the new women’s restroom.

The snow has not slowed our construction. The crews worked through the cold, wet, snowy conditions. Here you see them laying underground electrical.

January 2015

Much of the old brown brick will be covered with beautiful cherry wood.  Here the crew installs the metal and plywood supports for the cherry.

The crew erects the steel supports at the former west entry area where they had to remove the decayed concrete header.

The new boilers are placed in the basement. The heating and cooling is this single largest line item in the project budget.

The scaffolding goes up for our new wall behind the altar.

The latest rendering for the wall behind the altar.  The woodwork is designed from our newly-restored, beautiful gold-plated tabernacle that was donated by one parish family. Not shown in this drawing is the custom-made crucifix that will hang over the altar. The crucifix has been fully sponsored by one parish family.

December 2014

The concrete for the new choir area is poured.

The new steps leading to the tabernacle are built.

The steel frame for the gathering space goes up.

Structural steel is installed.

The plumbing goes in for the new bathrooms.

The underground electrical goes in for the new choir area.

The crew begins to finish up the final legs of the foundations of the gathering space and chapel.

November 2014

Here the crew pours the concrete over McInerney Drive to cover the new storm piping and water lines.

Preparing to pour the foundations for the gathering space and chapel.

Installing new water lines and storm drains.

October 2014

Site excavation is underway. Here the crew begins to dig the foundations for the new gathering space and chapel and prepare the way for underground utilities.

Preparing the site for the new gathering space continues. Here you can see some of the old brown stained glass windows being removed.

We are taking down some trees to make room for the new foundations. We hate to lose our trees, but it’s a necessary part of the construction.

As the work continues, you will start to more activity on the outside of the church.

September 2014

A mock-up of the new pews has arrived in our parish office. We are going to make a few changes, but take a minute to stop by and see it.  You’ll get a good idea of what the news pews will look and feel like. Our pews have been sponsored by one very generous St. Regis family.


Demolition continues. Here are some shots of the vestibules of the church. They are almost unrecognizable. Soon, part of our new gathering space will be there.


Our old HVAC was outdated and inefficient. The air conditioner was pronounced dead in 2013 and the boiler was on life support. The construction project includes a new, modern, energy-efficient heating and cooling system.

Here’s what’s left of the old HVAC.


The heavy demolition continues. It’s gotten pretty noisy and dusty around here.


August 2014

Workers break down the old choir area. To improve the acoustics and quality of music heard in the church, the choir will be positioned in the back of the church.


Much of the work will be on parts of the church building you can’t see. Here, work is being done on our cooling and electrical systems. Below are photos of workers are capturing Freon from the old cooling system and preparing for a major upgrade of our electrical system.

The design committee meets with Msgr. Chuck and Bob Zafarana to discuss the tile for the chapel and new bathrooms, as well as the new pews and kneelers in the church. Bob is a parishioner with expertise in the construction industry. He has spent countless hours helping to oversee the project. We are incredibly grateful to him for sharing his time and knowledge with us.


July 2014

All 1,900 pipes of our organ are taken out carefully. The organ will be restored and then placed in the back of the church when the renovations are complete. For years the reredos was blocking the sound of the organ. In its new location, and with some modern upgrades, the organ will sound better than it ever has before. Click here for a message from Cantor Andy Langlands on the “new” organ.


The facade behind the altar is taken down.


Members of the Design Committee meet with the architect to make final decisions on tile and carpet for the church.


After the asbestos abatement, a technician from PM Environmental tests the air quality to make sure it meets all safety standards.


The old floor tiles come out. They contained asbestos so the church had to be sealed during the removal and abatement process. The crew from Environmental Maintenance Engineers took these photos.


More photos from the asbestos abatement process.


The old carpet comes out.

June 2014

The church after the pews were removed.


Some pews are taken to church in rural Michigan that can recycle them.


The pews get taken apart and removed.

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